Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I was just watching this coverage of the New Orleans disaster, and got all weepy. And not just because I'm on MENSIES! Gawd, so many people are homeless and jobless now. It's such a magnificent city too. Jesus Christ, what mother nature hath wrought.
Ok, I didn't want this blog to be a buzzkill. I just thought I would drop my sardonic uber-bitchy persona for one moment.

Anyway, all that sadness gots me to thinkin' about what I should be grateful for. This is what I came up with:

--Old "MASH" reruns. I really have a crush on Alan Alda. I think I need to seek help.
--The freshman 15 (now that I'm watching everyone else gain it)
--But most of all, I am thankful for my best friend and platonic lifemate Alaina. See photomontage at left.
Also, pirate parties. Seriously, that was the best night of my life. The swordplay was almost too enjoyable. "Swordgasm."


Anonymous said...

Ali--you are one sexy mofo. Leave Alaina and run away with me!

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Never! Alaina is the Gabrielle to my Xena. Without the lesbian subtext. Ok, with just a little.

Alainicus said...

Hello. Alaina here. Ali is mine. Get away from her. Seriously. And ALI, I'm addressing you now, so everyone else can stop reading. What's up, Ali? Life is oatmeal without you. Not the good kind. Just the straight, seasonless kind. It's really very mushy and cold. Not mushy in a good way, mushy in a gross, sickening way.

Alainicus said...

Oh Dear. I forgot to respond on my lifelong best memory. The pirate party was off the HIZZOOOK! Seriously, if I could relive that week of pirate glory, I would. Over and over and over again. Except for the part when your sword broke. BET YOU FORGOT ABOUT THAT, HUH? And someone took my big bloomery pants. They were very airy and nice.