Friday, August 26, 2005

Martian Doing Beer-Bong!!!!!!!!!!

"That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets..."
Mean Girls

I always wanted a big, bushy fro. I wish there was some sort of Macy Gray serum that lil' discontent white girls like me could inject into their fine, weak hair shafts. We could call it like "Queen Latifahization." My new hair-happy name would be Ali-Fah.
But there is seriously something alluring about a full, lustrous head of "herrr" (I like Nelly-style spelling).
Actually, it was so fucking hot yesterday that I thought about shaving my head. I would be more tempted to do it if my friends hadn't voted me "the person who would look worst with a shaved head." I'm not making that up. I guess I have an abnormally bumpy head. My scalp dips and rises like the deep Nordic fjords.
Ok. Now onto razorburn! Just kidddddddding.
Above is a picture of me dressed as a Martian doing a beer-bong. Note the planets on my shirt and the over-abundance of tin foil skirts. Those lasted about half an intergalactic second.

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Anonymous said...

Ali, you don't have a bumpy head...just a bumpy heart. Seriously, you are frigid gurrrrrl.