Monday, August 29, 2005

Me on a bidet!

I have little to offer my dear bloggonians. School is starting on Wed. so I am just doing stupid preparatory shiznit to get ready.
Ok, actually I've just been eating a lot of cottage cheese in my undies. But I can't do that once school starts!
Unless I assist/teach for a nudist dairy-luvah. They should bring someone in to fill that position. Add some more diversity. I can picture her now: A thick Wisconsin accent and an overpowering muenster scent. Lactating as she dry-heaves mozzarella.

In the meantime dear readers, enjoy this uber-sexy picture of me on a tiny toilet in Spain. I was actually discussing the "history" of the bidet with some of my friends this weekend, if anyone knows anything please chime in. I'm sure it has a colorful and distinguished past.


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Ali Fitzgerald said...

Jesus. What is going on? Why am I being inundated by blogspam?

minimonk said...

How do the blogspammers find you? As a loyal reader I resent the intrusion as well. What is blogging etiquette these days?