Sunday, August 28, 2005

OOf, had a rager last night at Marianne's. Met all the new lil' froshies, although my 2nd year peers didn't want me to "haze" anyone. I guess a hearty ass-paddling and a gauntlet full of diseased crickets is just too free-thinking for some. There is a new guy named Jani, but it is pronounced "Yanni." Like my FAVORITE make-believe musical genius. He has that whole "windswept Grecian whisperer" vibe going for him too. Yanni--the man with the perfect pitch. I asked him to perform some impromptu piano-fused chants, but he just looked at me funny. Although it could have been the crickets I put in his pocket. Hee hee.

In this har' blog I will only mention those new students whose names I approve of . My new studiomate is "Jules Jones." Upon seeing the cheery double-J above our door, I assumed I was getting some June-Cleaver clone whose hairspray would spontaneously combust when she entered my paint-fume filled studio. But Jules is no 70's mom icon. He is very punck rock and has a fu-man-chu. And he is a bit of a liguistic anomaly, with a Julespeak that is all his own. He says "dope" a lot.
Ok, one more thing I hate: the car commercial that goes "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom." It's just so fucking stupid.

This is the Linda Blair Excorcist photo I tried to put on earlier. Spooky, no? She needs some chapstick, baaaaaaaad.

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Minimonk said...

As a Yanni fan, I can honestly say he has no equal...except maybe Josh Groban in a different genre...still love the blog,dude...