Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So I finally gots me a blog.
Many people heard me lamenting the fact that I was not a part of the wonderously dysfunctional blog family. But someody just popped me out! Full of placenta, cynicism and sweeeet liiiiiiiiiiiife. Placenta is a beautiful and misunderstood word I think. See, I can rant about things like that now that I have a blog. It doesn't matter that no one is reading it (save for sticky-fingered Huckbert Janglethorp, an Iowa farmer who needs some release between turnip juicing.)
So, my life in a nutshell: I live in Austin Texas, where you can hear the sound of a thousand tiny penises rising softly every few minutes. Like marble rye bread in a hot-ass Texas oven.
I am a painter of big dykey cowgirls and I think Tammy Faye Bakker is the last living grotesque. She's making a comeback you know...Swoon.
I won't bother you (my fictional public) with the banal aspects of my daily life. It's probably proof enough of my summertime mental state that I'm starting this blog at all. I love you. Oh Adoring fans o' mine.


black swan said...

Welcome to the blog-0-rama

finnegan said...

Found you at Bob Anderson's "Pair-O-Dice".

You've got yourself a reader Ms Jane-ish.

William Fight God Sellari said...

Welcome to the land of the dead Ali. Thanks for never returning my calls :(

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I'm sorry Will----if it makes you feel any better, I rarely (if ever) call anyone back. Yes, I'm that selfish.

Amanda (Obe) said...

SWEET ALI! now i have something to entertain me during criminal procedure. you are my hero. p.s.-where can i get some of your killer art?

Alainicus said...

Ali, don't let these people woo you online. You will always be my GIRLFRIEND! My cupeth overfloweth in blog glory. Come on Eileen.