Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well, tomorrow I have to wake up before noon. Arggggggggh (slight Charlie Brown intonation). I am TAing two drawrin' classes on Mon. and Wed: we shall see how dat shit goes down. I like UT students in general, but there's always the sorority booty-shorters and the frattastic duuuuudes who have perma-keg imprints on their glutes. Jesus, why can't everyone just be a freak? Wouldn't life be more interesting if we encountered a roller-skating troupe of Abba impersonators on our way to work? Or if we saw some hula-hooping geriatric headcase at our local fast-stop? (that actually happened to me here in Austin).
I don't know, all those innocent freshman are moving in right now for orientation. Their shiny newness reminds me of just how tarnished I am. Here's an apt metaphor that I used when I wrote as a jaded senior in college:
"Freshman are like greyhounds: bony, beautifully groomed and ready to chase some stupid carrot in circles forever. Seniors (such as myself), are more like three-legged ferrets bred on moonshine who seek to spread rabies whenever possible."


B said...

Ahhh...a Davidsonian reference...how I love thee.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Indeed. Sigh. Pour one out for Davidson.
How is PA?