Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I am sooooo tired right now. I stayed up all night writing a paper for my "Feminism and Visual Politics" class and am currently operating on 2 hours sleep, an inumerable amount of cigarettes and an unquenchable Texas bloodlust.

Current mooooood: I am crankier than a sex-deprived Dick Cheney. Ew. Do you think Dick Cheney has sex? Or does he just derive sexual pleasure from devouring small children and herds of oxen?
So I did this cover for a Univeristy publication and found out today that many "controversies" have sprung up because of it. And that was me at my most subdued. Everyone was clothed for god's sake. Fuck these backwards-ass Texas yokels. I actually can't decide whether to be happy or not about it.

Apparently, images still carry some weight. I mean people on "Fear Factor" eat like 1,000 year old antelope cadavers and shit. What's so bad about the nude anyway? Oh well, I guess the people here in Bush country are easily unnerved. My response: I'm making a 20 ft. painting of hell. Yes, there will be some disemboweling. God, I am gross, aren't I?

I have been v. enraged lately. See above pic. That was taken right before I wrote this post. My head becomes large and styrofoamy when I am angered. In some circles, I am known as "Styro-Ho."


Minimonk said...

Congrats on stirring up controversy; wasn't it you who wanted your art to provoke thought? I like your outfit- very fetching...your fan

Anonymous said...

what is the controversy about? who is up in arms about it and why? do dish.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Update: apparently some alumni thought it was just "too out there." Ain't got no dish other than that.

quiet said...

back-assed yokels is right,old, bored, and conservative, welcome to texass, pray for snow.