Thursday, September 22, 2005


So Hurricane Rita huh?
Is it the end of days or what?
Here are some bullet points that would seem to indicate that it is indeed Apocalpyse-a-rama.
-Everbody Loves Raymond got a shitton of Emmys. I do wish someone would seriously tell me what is entertaining about a maladjusted manboy and his cantakerous folks. If I speak in a baritone voice, will I be as funny as his closetedly homosexual He-Hulk sibling Robert?
-I wore pastels today.
-Tammy Faye Baker is making a comeback. I am expecting a string of reality shows a la Martha to follow. Some ideas: "America's Top Mascara; Smear Factor" (drippage earns extra points), "Girls Gone God: Crying on camera," and "Televangelist hot-tubbing! (let's just say, there's a lot of swimming around in diverted fund money-piles.)
-Marissa and Ryan finally did the nasty on the O.C.!!!! I am so deeply ashamed at knowing this. Deeply. Hairy palms be damned, this is the real reason I'm going to hell.
-Eric Clapton is doing a commercial. I'm crying Tears in Heaven Eric, really I am.

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