Saturday, September 10, 2005


Here's a fictional conversation I had with Oprah today:
Oprah: Ali, you look fabulous!
Me: I owe it all to Pilates, clean living, and an intense Kabbalah awakening Oprah. (My dream doppleganger is not only fit in mind, but in SOUUUUUL as well).
Oprah: Well, guurrrl here's a new Nissan. Now let's go out and get some hash and falafels.
Me: I love you.

I don't think Oprah likes falafels or hash, but if she did I think we would be bestest friends. Not that she isn't already the daytime television woman in my life... but with a buzz and some questionable "meat," I know we'd get along swimmingly.
Speaking of questionable meat, I have been enlisted to be on a team for the Glasstire Chilli Cook-off today. Out team is called "DankaKorn" and features a donkey/unicorn mutt who shoots chilli out of her ASS. I am off to make the banner now. Ciao peeeepel.


Anonymous said...

I think you really do have an "Oprah complex," Ali.

b said...

mmm...falafels. my favorite.