Thursday, September 01, 2005

My day su-uhhhhcked.
No need to go into it. Just know that it sucked more than a Hanson infomercial for boy-braces and clean livin'.

Yeah...even I don't really know what that comparision was about. Boy bands are fodder for low-brow humorists like myself. All I know is that attractive people hit on me at coffee shops when I wear my "Hanson" brand T-shirt. Of course, it is a sheer fabric. And I do wear it with a fairly sluttastic red velvet bra. Oh yeah, and I hit on them...and they usually insist that I put the shirt back on. But not before making sweeeeet albino adolescent love set to the ambient whirring sounds of the cappuccino machine. Mmmmm foamy.
I was referring to the coffee drink! Shame on you pervert.


Obe said...

sorry you had a bad day ali!! whilst buried in law school gobbledy gook, i still make time for your blog-o-licious updates. you gonna be on the east coast anytime soon? i miss F 107.

p.s.-yesterday i saw a barefoot woman in cheetah-print pants and a bra-like "shirt" standing on the side of the road. i thought of you.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're my sister... Your blogs are so werid.

Anonymous said...

JUST KIDDING ALI! Love them!!! They make me laugh. By the way, some of my friends want to buy your paintings... which ones can I sell?

Ali Fitzgerald said...

My blogs are "Werid"? Learn how to type dear sister. You are disgracing the good-spellin' rep. of the Fitzie fam.
Sell whatever. Get rich offa me whilst I live like a street urchin. Sigh.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Obinator: I will be on the EASTSIDE(of the United States), in Dec. and Jan. I am planning a pilgrimage to DC for New Year's. You gonna be thar then?
Thanks for the cheetah-print shout-out. Was the woman...I don't know...a "lady of the evening" perhaps? That's ok. I saw a man in a long purple robe and a feathered hat that was slapping some bitches around. He reminded me of you.
I miss F107 too...Is that where I lived or where you lived?