Saturday, September 03, 2005

What I'm doing: Watching the U.S Open (options are limited without cable), and makin' some graphite drawings for the Portland Art Fair in Oct.
Where I'm going: Nowheres. Except on a sushi/TP run. Which is more life-sustaining I wonder?

So, Austin is going to accept about 4,000 refugees from the gulf coast in the Frank Erwin Center and our hospital. Way to step it up Austin. You are now forgiven for the "Real World" debaucle.
On a less philanthropic note, our fair city is now swamped with froshies.
Confucius ask: If an inebriated 18 year-old falls on 6th street, does she make a noise?
Answer: The stumbling whipper-snapper will make a clanking sound as her new GAP capris are torn to shreds by the shrapnel-like remains of discarded beer cans. For all you environmentalists out there, here’s an interesting way to dispose of the aluminum menace: Martha Stewart recently told her former roommate ‘Spark Plug’ that beer cans make dandy hummingbird feeders. (On a completely unrelated note, there was a catastrophic increase in hummingbird mating this year). *Martha also says license plates make festive placemats!

P.M.S---I am TOTALLY going to watch Martha's new show. Bitch always rises to the top.


bellini said...

Hi Ali... I wish I could write like you!
Unfortunately i have to resign myself to my Dr. Spock humor. Anyway, I've been working on my own site, check it out:

see ya!

Minimonk said...

A lack of sushi is clearly more life-threatening; went to Sakura last night and had lots of yummy yellowtail...funny blog! Your biggest fan....

Ali Fitzgerald said...

You have no idea how sharp my pain is over my loss of Sakura. There is a chasm in my heart. And it is filled with the souls of fatty tunas and unagi.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Bellini---checked out the site. Loverly. Dr. Spock? My, my they do raise you nerdy in Brazil, no?