Monday, November 21, 2005

I TA'd all day and then saw a really canine-a-licious performance by Indian Princess Amelia, Jules Buckstar Jones (amongst others, who I don't feel like giving glib monikers). Earlier in the day my lovely lil' students gave me cupcakes---and by doing so, stripped me of my dignity. I ate like 12.
Sooooooo, I'm now on a sugar low. I gots' the shakes real bad. But alas, one cannot rationally carry around an IV filled with creamy icing goodness. But if ONE were irrational, well, a whole world of confectionary fulfillment would be possible... Bearclaw belly-rings, creme brulee inhalers, cinammon bun syringes... I could go on, but don't worry I won't.
Other news: I am happy and I have a functioning DVD player. Life is gooood.

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