Friday, November 25, 2005

So, I spent a gravy-filled, potato packed Thanksgiving at my favorite fiery red-head's. That is the ever-irreverent Erin Smith for those of you who don't know her. She is a pistol. And not the kind that is capped off with a fake orange top, she is the real deal. Smith without the Wesson. The kind of pistol wielded by a hunch-backed Charlton Heston as he lunges awkwardly toward the nearest spittoon. What do you think Charlton and Tom Selleck do at their meetings? I'm thinking that there is some covert weapon-stroking that goes on in the secret man-sauna at the dude ranch. I'm sure the "Bareback Mountain" screening will go over well. Then there's the lil' Triggers in Training (TIT would be their inaccurate acronym.) Their only duty is to be well-oiled with big, long gun-cleaning instruments (which they shove convincingly into the barrels). Have I gone too far? Is Charton Heston going to smother me to death with his stringy neck skin? Stay tuned to find out....DA DA DUM.

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