Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I love this quote from my favorite artcrush's blog:

"It's ok not to like [Elizabeth Murray], maybe we should start a support group for woman who feel guilty about not likeing her, though I wouldn't be in it cause I don't feel ONE IOTA of guilt for not likeing her work. Say NO to GIANT COFFEE CUP ART!"

Amen sistah. I'd like to squirt some serious macchiato on her shit. Make that a double. I'll even add some cinammon shavings and caramel flavored kerosene for effect.
Other artists that Ali feels are overrated (my scale is heavily weighted by such factors as: the asymmetry of a self-haircut, the ability to gyrate awkardly, the number of starry-eyed students seduced, and the brooding effectiveness of the furrowed brow.)
-Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin (most of those fucking YBA brats actually)
-Richard Tuttle
-Laura Owens
-Julie Meheretu
-Georg Baselitz. Upside down my ass.
-Robert Longo (only because he didn't say hi to me the other day.)
-Clay Aiken (not an artist....but perhaps an ALIEN.)
-Howard Hodgkin
-Eric Fischl
-Jim Dine
Whew, I feel better now. I just hope Damien doesn't read my blog. What am I saying? He can't read! He just plays with his slippery wee shark all day long.

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