Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I swear to god, I love Margaret Cho. I'm sorry, I meant to pledge my allegiance, not to "god" but to a white bearded Cho-like deity in drag. I have constructed a makeshift altar for her that consists of soiled panties and calligraphic expletive carvings. Mmmmm, Cho...
Here are some choice cho-isms. Seriously, I would chug a gallon of Cho-nogg (nice segway from yesterday, huh?).

Margaret Cho: I didn't play violin. I didn't fuck Woody Allen.

Margaret: I was hanging out in the one gay bar in all of Scotland. They have *one* gay bar. It was called C.C. Bloom's. C.C. Bloom's is the name of the character that Bette Midler played in Beaches. That is the gayest thing I have heard in my entire life. That place should just be called Fuck Me In The Ass... Bar and Grill.

Her Mother: Mommy think everybody... little bit gay. You know how you have that friend, and you love that friend so much you don't know what to do? ...It's kind of gay.

Margaret: You have to be tough to be a drag queen. Drag queens have to fight everything. They have to fight homophobia. They have to fight sexism. They have to fight pink eye.

Margaret Cho: And I went through this whole thing, you know. I was like: Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized I'm just slutty. (laughter) Where's my parade?

Margaret Cho: I ... am a fag hag. Fag hags are the backbone of the gay community. Without us, you're nothing. We have been there ... dragging your sorry ass through the Underground Railroad ... We went to the prom with you ...


Maber said...

Ali, some of us check your blog daily. Kindly post something new. Thank you.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Maybe if said people would post once in a damn while. Get your head out of your ass, Charlotte. This blog needs constant affirmation to survive. P.S. LOVE the captions. Will link you. Might even copy and paste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!