Sunday, December 04, 2005

Opening Fun!

Last night I went to "Shiny Object" for an opening that included the work of Robert Boland, Erin Cunningham, and Roberto Belllllllllllllllini Monteiro. I like saying Roberto's name, it makes me feel as though I am riding a Vespa through the hills of Portugal, flaming sambuca in tow. On a sidenote, I think the Portugese are an odd looking people. When I was there, it seemed as though the "unibrow" was the national facial trait. And they seemed to have an overabundance of saliva. Yes, I am being particularly ungenerous, but c'mon they deserve it, what with all their colonizin' and um....funny talkin'.

Later on, I drank delightfully spiked eggnog at Jill's and then did a weird balloon-rave-dance at an undergrad party. I tried out some new ballroom moves with Karri Paul, who dropped me unceremoniously on the dance floor. Me bum hurts today. Curse you Karri Paul, you clumsy OAF! Karri did inform me that our names "slant rhyme," but she went on to say that her jean jacket "slant-rhymed" with someone else's jean jacket. She is a slant rhyming slut.

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