Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So I dyed my hair "espresso." I think it might be a little too Morticia Adams-ish for me. I feel like I should be wielding chinese throwing stars or smoking some ornate opium pipe.
Maybe I'll interview as a gravedigger. Is that still a profession, or did that die in a wave of Dickensian glory? I should practice my grave-digging Dickenspeech, "Ello' gov'ner, would you like a shoe-shine or perhaps an impromptu gravesite? I kin' make a right nice shallow hole with me jagged teeth and frostbitten appendages! And for a tuppence, I'll hop in there wif im'!"

My subtle and tactful sister Andie said that I looked like Christina Ricci. She knows full well that I think Christina Ricci looks like a bloated alien baby. She is on my s**t list.


Red, White, and Poly-A said...

I fully expect a link to our blog from yours! You claim that you love our blog (it is your "fave") and then do not give us the respect we deserve. Harumph.

Down with Ricci.


Red, White, and Poly-A said...


You and Mr. Ricci are just wonderful people. A and I love the link; our blog is blowing up -- destined to fame shortly, of course. How's SC treating you?? I finished exams today, thankfully.

Red, White, and Poly-A said...

Once i snuck my family in to Ali's studio. That was because I was taking an art class but my parents were embarrassed by my art. And they wanted to see the work of a talented person. Remember when I took drawing Ali? Shit that was a disaster; my lowest grade in college.