Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I done gots my toof taken out! It hurt like a motherfucker. Seriously.
The dentist (much to my chagrin) made smart-ass remarks the whole time. He said things like, "Wow, I really need some gatorade!" Or, "That tooth is a real bear!" And the hygenist was a 33 year-old woman with braces and a voice like Fran Drescher. I thought she was funny in an annoyingly nasal sorta way. The dentist tried to bribe me to get his daughter into some art classes at UT. Apparently, they fill up right fast. I told him I would in exchange for a elephantine basket full of vicodin. He assented. Life is like a norah jones song.


minimonk said...

Poor baby! What a painful experience- hope you feel better soon...your fan.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Thanks momma. I love that you love me...despite this blog. Seriously, my blog doesn't disturb you? You da bomb, mom.
Your vicodinning baby

bianca jackson said...

Such a painful experience! But don't worry sweetie, you'll get through that soon. I think you need some sedatives if you want a painless dental procedure. But sometimes, you need to feel the pain for you to get used to it. :)