Sunday, January 22, 2006

I like this lil' pro-choice speech from my favorite angry black bitch. Enjoy!

Roe v. Wade is 33 years old today…only a month to the day older than this AngryBlackBitch. A bitch has always lived in an America where reproductive freedom was a constitutionally protected right. And a bitch has always lived in an America where those same rights have been under attack.33 years of choice.33 years of debate.33 years empowered with an education about my body, my rights, my options and my responsibilities.33 years of Roe.Within my lifetime a bitch has been grateful for the protection of choice…that broad protective quilt that encompasses far more than what anti-choice activists would like us to believe.Oh yes…this bitch has been blessed by choice.When a bitch rolled over and felt a lump in my abdomen a few years back…this bitch had choices.When a bitch desperately ran out to the local Planned Parenthood office to seek medical advice within hours of feeling that lump…a bitch had choices.When my ass received efficient medical advice and care…when they told me that it was most likely fibroids…when a bitch was given so many options that my head was spinning…oh yeah, this bitch felt the power of choice.And when a bitch sat down for my first consultation with my surgeon…when she asked me…fucking asked me…whether my ass planned to have children…what my fucking intentions for my motherfucking body where…this bitch experienced choice in action.A bitch was able to make medical decisions regarding my reproductive future with my doctor. Wow! And the heavens didn’t fall. The oceans didn’t part and frogs didn’t rain out over the land like water.This bitch knows that what was so simple for me would have been revolutionary before.And when a bitch counted down from 100 in that operating room and slipped into dreamland it was with the knowledge that my doctor was making decisions with my medical health in mind…not the government, not the President and not some sanctified asshole pontificating from a pulpit. My body, my doctor…my motherfucking choice.There is a war underway. A war that is being fought in our schools, pharmacies and doctor’s offices. Women are being denied reproductive health education, prescriptions are not being filled and doctors are being told what to do or not do…and we need to ask why and who benefits from this. Not me and not you…so who? Who benefits from young women with four children before they reach the age of 21? Who benefits from young men and women not knowing how babies are conceived, how disease gets spread and how they can be empowered through planned parenthood as an applied action? Who benefits from the rise in STD’s among women of color? Who benefits from women not knowing that they can prevent a pregnancy after rape, not being told that they have choices after they have been assaulted?Some motherfucker is pleased by this bullshit and it sure as hell isn’t me.Do you understand that your right to make decisions is under attack…that choice encompasses abortion rights…and…so…much…more…?Are you with me? Or are you so blessed by freedom that you can’t work up the fucking passion to defend it?The revolution has come. The war is already underway and it is beyond time for Generation pro-choice to stand up and defend this shit!Ready?Set.Go!

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