Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I loathe UT. I know that's not clever, but I don't care. I hope a mad-longhorn outbreak happens on campus and causes severe indigestion followed by DEATH for the whole student body/faculty. Ok, that is a wee bit extreme. Just indigestion then.


Anonymous said...

alinator! it's obe. cheer up, kid! whatever it is, it too shall pass. what's your current email address? bc we are all chatting, and i noticed your aol address is the one on the list, so i wasn't sure if you were getting the emails or not. i miss you! call me (same cell as college) or email me: myfirstname.mylastname@richmond.edu.

Maber said...

Ali, Obe's cell phone number, in case you forgot, is:

(# of horns on a steer)(1 minus 1)(Mia Hamm's number) - (# of years Bush has been in the White House)(how good Dreamsicles are on a scale of 1-10)(the loneliest number) - (# of arms on a disabled octopus)(# of shots Oswald fired at Kennedy from the book depository in Dallas)(the loneliest number since the number one)(the # of letters in the word "Amanda")

Hope you guys get connected!

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Obe, why yo' numba gotta be so cryptic? I miss you toooooo. I do get the emails but am tre lazy. I will email you to hear all the law-related gossip. Much love,
P.S.--Maber you are weird. I laughed out loud on that one though. (However I refuse to write "LOL".) I really like the idea of a disabled octopus, does that make me an animal abuser?