Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I love peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. Truly, madly, deeply...and nuttily? In other news, I gave myself a lopsided art school self-haircut and I am still quite weird. I think I am a frighteningly stalkerish TA. I ramble like a maniac and barely let them paint. I am surprised my students can get anything from my Anna Nicole Smith-esque garbling. I talk fast and try to be very glib like the Gilmore Girls, but alas, I am not emaciated nor do I have fabulous gay male screenwriters working for me. How are you so cool Lauralai? How? Karri Paul (future Italianina) is going to take me to a poetry par-tay on Thurs. It will be ever so much fun! They're calling it, "Iambic Penta-kegger." Like "Iambic Pentameter!" Get it!!!! Wow. I am losing it. I almost started a painting today about an androgynous spacewoman named "Aeon Fucks." Help.

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