Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hmmmm....I realized that my last few posts have had a freakish "sociopath in training" feel to them. Yes, sometimes I hate UT, but sometimes it swaddles me with filthy paint rags and lulls me to sleep with mellifluous artspeak buzzwords like "didactic." Sometimes I am comforted (and aroused!) by the beautiful noxious paint fumes that envelop me. Yes, sometimes I grapple with my obligatory art-school angst, but at other times (vicodin induced times) everything is as pleasant and smooth as a Stevie Wonder Ballad. Sometimes I love UT like I love "America's Next Top Model." Ok, that's a dirty lie. I love no one like I love Janice Dickinson. She is my uber-bitchy, bullimic earth mother. I shall drink only her shriveled cocaine infused breastmilk. Sidenote: I was reading a blog about someone named "Fellatia." No joke. That is almost as bad as "Cunnilingita," which is what I plan to name my firstborn child.


Maber said...

Post, damn you!

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I've been posting you damned freakazoid Charlottan! (like the play on Charlotte? Like "charlatan" get it? GET IT????)