Sunday, February 12, 2006

Went to a delightful Drag King show at Elysium, a lovely Nina/Steph opening, and a strange circus-themed party at a lil' commune in West campus. There was a kid dressed as a lion, who looked more like Boy George's understudy for "Tabboo" than an untamed king of the jungle. Perhaps he was the crowned prince of the jungle-patterned chiffon.
I think I finally gots me some semblance of a life! Hoorah! Netflix be damned, I am ALIVE. I decided to revert back to my teen years when all that mattered was skittle flavored Zima and a shared, sweaty-palmed burrito. I want Guinness, ciggies and everything else that is bad for me. Give me liberty or give me death! Maybe not death...I think a light flogging or some lukewarm lasagna would be appropriate.

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