Thursday, March 09, 2006

I am seriously addicted to the computer. I have googled everything. I have myspaced everyone. There is nothing left but death. And in my coffin I will be clutching my fucked up lil' laptop. I will arrive at the pearly gates and really freak St. who-the-fuck-ever out because I will have already discovered his secret double life (angelic S&M). Life is boring without surprises, maybe I should stop this thang. Naw, check me out on myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus, I need a life.
P.S.---Arturo has a really interesting show up at the Dougherty Art Center. It is all work by African American women, there's some good stuff. PPS---my students said that my class with Troy is one of the best and closest classes they have ever taken. I really almost cried. It was that cute.

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