Tuesday, March 14, 2006

If you're going to San Francisco, you're gonna need some flowers in your hair,
If you're going to San Francisco, Ali's gonna be crunk and in drag with a green beer,

Bye. I'm going to San Francisco to see my tall athletic friends Alex and Flowerree. I hope they don't make me do the stairmaster, or walk up those damn windy streets (their legs are GIANT! Sidenote: When we were in Spain I used to ride Alex like I was a crazed matador, she's that tall. Also, she used to jokingly push me in front of vespas because she doesn't know her own strength. Freak.) I bet all their furniture is comically oversized. I guess I'll sleep in a mouthwash cap.

Actually, I think I'll just plant myself in Chinatown and buy ginseng hypodermic needles and questionable rotating meats. Also, I desperately want to spit off the Golden Gate, and gorge myself with Ghiradelli chocolates. But not rice. I don't want any of their fancypants Caleee-fornnn-eeeea rice. Uncle Ben would have my head.


Bob said...


If you find yourself in North Beach I recommend Vesuvious, the bar the Beats hung out at. Keroac and Ginsburg "waving genitals and manuscripts". Your kinda place I think. Well, 50 years ago it was. It's next door to City Lights bookstore, Columbus at Broadway.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Sounds cool Bob,
Nothing beats the Kerouac/genitals/bar combo.