Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm back from San Francisco . It was supah dupah fly. What did I do you might ask? Well, I walked a lot. I walked more than that whacked out bibleman in the desert who walked for 40 days. I mean sheeeet, he didn't have to hike up Lombard St. just to see the place from "Full House." *(Legend has it that the old mansion is still inhabited by Uncle Joey's decaying and ghastly acting career) Thank god I made up for all this...shudder...exercise by causing a metabolic catastrophe and eating everything in sight (or sound..I swear I heard a pesto pizza last night). EVERYTHING. Chowder and crepes and Pad Thai, oh my. I also ate lotsa sushi, mmmmm. That's something I miss here on the "third coast that's not really a coast at all but really a giant cow paddy." Anyways, enough about me! What about you? How was your Spring Break? Don't worry about it until you really know its infected. Who knew you would contract any diseases from Cancun's largest under 30 jacuzzi? Just wear mesh shorts.

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