Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My blogging has cum to a geyser-like end. Like an embittered Old Faithful, I have been spurting jizzumy nonsense in the face of the internet for too long. I need to spurt elsewhere...or...um....find other things to...um...spurt. Jesus, I wish there was a better verb there. Spew? Whoosh? So, after months of "spewing" it is time for me to button my britches and awkwardly grope the nightable for a hanky. Also, I reread a lot of my old entries and realized that I talk about the same 5 things all the time: cheese, bitchy profs, hangovers, my fictitious army of androgynous lovers and my chest. I guess we all know what's important to me: things I consume, people I would hypothetically have sex with, and mammory glands. Don't worry, I will resume in May but right now I really need to paint and the temptation to write about my life ad nauseum is overwhelming. Ok? In the meantime, feel free to email me about how much the information highway sucks without this angry lady: alfitz04@aol.com


Anonymous said...

Aw. We'll miss your angry ass.

@rt said...

I think procuring high-end laxatives at Walgreen's is the source of angry ass.

How about posting some pics once the paint begins to fly? Kind of a mental suppository for feeble minds outside of Austin.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

@rt---I shall work on the pics, although I do not have a camera as yet. But my job at Uncle Morty's Laxative Emporium starts soon, so there will be a steady "flow" (pardon the pun) of income.