Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Curse of the Donkey People

Stu, Stan, Harry and Marty form a roving band of socially impotent businessmen, fused together by their mutual love of Internet porn and escapist fiction. They travel to a border town in pursuit of something intangible, something only recognizable in the recesses of their pasty veneers and pleated pants. They seek a power dynamic that does not exist in their own alka-seltzer riddled reality. But perhaps they could pay someone to fake it.
After a particularly emasculating run in with a resentful (yet sexily unavailable) CVS employee, Stu waxes his station wagon, buys a pricey tub of hair product and heads south. He leads the lonely group to a dark place that, (unbeknownst to them) has been plagued by a terrible affliction.
Once there, they stay at a dingy, yellowing, gangrenous hotel room and order in. An “exotic” woman arrives, cloaked in nothing but brilliant red underwear. They become entranced with the seductive cadence of her voice (somewhat similar to a “whinny”) and her brutish sexual demeanor. However, upon arousal she is at once transformed into a monstrous hybrid of donkey and woman. She is simultaneously the cause of their fear and the product of it.
Come see the “Andrea: the Mutating, Terrorizing, Unidimensional Donkeywoman!” Don’t forget to see the twisted B-Movie director, Ali Hitchcock as she grapples with her own role in producing this sick psychodrama.

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