Saturday, April 22, 2006

Donkey Show is over (it went well I think). Scholarship day is over (it probably did not go well as all my new work was at the aforementioned space). Only my poetry portfolio remains. And c'mon poetry is just verbal vomit--you know I can churn out some mellifluous bile. After that it will be all mindless drinking, skinny-dipping and latte-sipping (see, that's a poem right thar). I cannot wait to feel free. Also, I just drove Sara's car home and was pulled over for not having my lights on. I sat there fumbling with all her SUV gadgety whatnot for like 30 minutes. I swear to god it was like decoding a KGB plan for a topsecret pin-sized nuclear reactor. I still have residual anxiety from it. The policeman was very nice though (probably because he thinks I have a myriad of mental handicaps). Gawd, this is the month that won't die. Fuck you April! I hate your showers and bluebird fuck sessions. I hate your oak pollen and your day of fools. I hate your sundresses and your tandem bikes. I hate you. Come to me, sweet May, and swaddle me in your unbearable heat and boredom. I am going to love all up on May. I'm serious.

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