Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I can't wait until school is over. I mean I really can't wait. I am doing mental kegel exercises to keep myself from bursting with school-induced bitterness. This Summer I am going to live at the coffee shop and smoke cigarettes and marvel of people with dreadlocks and/or femullets. I am also going to take the time to really fight "the man." Maybe I'll spit on a hotel parking attendant or something. Mmmmm, Spiderhouse is quite nice for emo-spotting, I think I'll camp out there for the Summer. I'm very excited about not TAing. I think I need to detach myself from UT. I am like a barnacle that is clinging to some sickly whale's chum. I'm also feeling incredibly guilty lately (what is up with me actually exploring my "feelings" on this blog? I never thought I would be one of those people). One of "those people," sigh, what a snob am I. Back to my latent Catholic guilt...I should have marched in the immigration rally, I should have gone to a bunch of art shows by my students, I should not paint a person finger-fucking a donkey.


minimonk said...

Coffee has lots of antioxidants but smoking is not a good leisure activity in my humble opinion...I know....you could go to Barton Springs for a change of pace. Keep up the good work...it is almost over.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Thanks momma. Your sweetness is my weakness.