Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ok, I lied.
I love da blogging. My mom also told me that this buzzing hunk of cyberspace shiznit is my stand-in therapist. So, needless to say that without it I've been a pantless, muttering mess. Why pantless? I dunno, crazy people seem to have a problem with pants. But I don't have a problem with pant-hating crazies. Actually I really like Tom Cruise. Get out of that closet, Tom Cruise you secret homonude! Tom was only truly happy when he was skidding in his skivvies in "Risky Business." Belt loops are like nooses for him! I don't like pants either. Only gaucho/oyster shucking boyshorts for this girl.
Donkey Show update: Here is the . The show is April 21st I think the address is on there. Also, people keep emailing me on myspace about having threesomes with them. Is that normal? They were like specific requests from people in Austin. So, I put up a picture of barf as my icon in a passive-agressive protest. See below. I feel durrrty.

My girlfriend and I would like to meet you and if you have a friend, bring him/her along as well. I am trying to set up a gift for her this Thursday.....a fantasy of hers. Would you have any interest?


Also, Meredith Viera is replacing Katie Couric on the Today Show. That is like replacing an annoying puppy with a rabid ferret...who has a penchant for flesh-tearing and disease-spreading. Meredith Viera is the second most ingratiating person ever. First? Dr. Phil. Get the fuck out of my TV Dr. Phil.


minimonk said...

Your fans appreciate your returning to the keyboard..the donkey show looks good so far.. wish I could be there for the opening.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see ya back Ali.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Thanks mom and anonymous. It's great to be back!!!! (I'm imagining some radio announcer voice saying that).