Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yesterday was a long day. I am installing at the Donkey Show now and I think it's going to be assarific. At some point, we went to Home Depot where Risa feigned a geriatric gimp to nab a motorized cart. To describe her wheeling slowly around the corner, hair billowing in the 3mph wind, would not do justice to it. It was so fucking funny, I felt like I was in middle school again (minus my queen of the nerds tiara and my hordes of debate team devotees). I even snorted a little, which is indeed a return to my middle school social trauma. I am going to call on that image every time I have to sit through a clip-art laden lecture about the glory of geometry in art. Chuckle.
Well, I'm off to paint some more hybridized, objectified, agency-reclaiming donkeys.

Shit, someone is at my door. I bet its a well-dressed Mormony man who never blinks. It reminds me of "Good Country People" everytime they come. I am always afraid they are going to take my false leg and leave me at the top of a barn.


minimonk said...

funny! your biggest flan(nery)

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Jesus, I really love you mom.