Wednesday, May 31, 2006

678 people have viewed my profile. I find this frightening. I like to pretend that no one's reading so that I can divulge things like the sewage moment noted below. Shit. I truly can't figure out who the fuck is reading this besides my 3 friends and my mother in E-disguise. She is "minimonk," shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She likes the show "Monk," and often finds herself sympathizing with OCD sufferers. I'm sorry I outed you big momma, I know I swore a secret blood oath not to reveal your true identity. Please don't carve a giant "M" on my face with your whip.
Other news:
I switched coffee places. Now I like the coffee house that looks like a white-collar prison. Or a dilapidated resort area after a monsoon. Yes, I'm talking about the new Quacks. I've noticed that a lot of their customers have googly eyes that face in different directions (seriously, I noticed this). Also, no one tries to hit on anyone else (perhaps because of eye issues). They are my brethren now.
DBerman has an opening tomorrow called "Heat." Would have been cooler if it had been called "In Heat." Sidenote: I tried to convince Hana to call her show at W&TW "Cunt." She said "Why?" and I responded "Why not?"
I love the word cunt. It has a potency that few other expletives have. In Spain the word "cunt" is used much more coloquially. Everyone is a "cuno" until proven otherwise. * I can't do a tilda on the computer, but please visually insert one over the "n."
I am co-curating a show at Art Palace called "Summer Fling," I think it'll be phat. *I also wanted to call that show "Cunt."

Besides a few minor slip-ups I am still a non-smoker. My eye doctor today told me that I should stop hanging out with people that smoke. So now I am going to go to the Jesuit Convention Center to gather a new group of sparkly clean peers. We'll watch animated specials about the barnyard animals present at Jesus' birth and laugh and laugh. That crazy sheep! Doesn't he know that only humans have souls? Mmmmm. Now I want Lamb Curry.


boutman said...

yOu d0nT kN0w m3, BuT i Kn0w yOu. 3v3n th0uGh i DoNt l1Nk t0 yOu i r3Ad aS 0ftEn aS i CaN

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Why don't you link to me, mysterious masked man? I am fairly lazy with the links, but I will put you on there soon.