Wednesday, May 31, 2006

P.S. My eye is healing nicely according to Dr. Tai ("Tai," by the way, was the name of my dog...I did not tell the kind doctor this factoid).
P.P.S. What is in the air? Everyone I know is in looooooooove and acting like a pre-weight gain Leonardo DiCaprio. Along similar lines, here is the press release for a show I am curating at Art Palace.

Ah Summer romance; sweaty palms gripping a sno-cone, a musty cabin and a shared case of mono. In "Summer Fling," three young artists harness these first flickering moments of desire with works that investigate the delicate zone between seduction and repulsion, innocence and a newfound impurity. With large-scale beastial mutations, gender-bending portraits, and horrifying depictions of a skewed sexual dynamic, Randy Muniz, Christa Palazzolo, and Senalka McDonald show us not love lost, but love adulterated. "Summer Fling," is not your easily idealized Summer tryst, but rather a record of the complications that occur when one finally leaves the campground.

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Minimonk said...

The press release is really great- seductive yet earthy..Did you write it? Sounds like you. Glad Dr. Tai was more competent than Tai-Pan (who often still gets credit card solicitations.)