Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Went to Nohegan. Very fun.
Here are the things that distinguish it from real Skowhegan:
-Mary Jane did not make an appearance. I thought I smelled her but it turns out it was just some Chinese herbal medicine smoking sticks. I accidentally singed some of my arm hair off with them. Their restorative powers escape me.
-People actually made art. For shame.
-There was no cook. Waneeta was the cook at Skow, and I still worship at her greasy pan-fried shrine.
-No orgies. I blame this on the division of cabins. I mean c'mon, let's all sleep in one cabin, eh? In the dark, don't nobody know who's bunk is whose. Sorry Hana, I really thought you were my special rubbery swedish pillow.
-It was far far hotter than Maine. It was like, "my innards are turning into weiner snitzel" hot.
-There was skinny dipping, thank god. Otherwise I would have to strip it of the spoof name and start calling it "Camp Everyonewearsclothesnshit."


Alainicus said...

you are glorious.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I am full of something...maybe it's glory.