Friday, August 25, 2006

Here's Arturo and I exhaling Maker's Mark in one sexily smooth, synchronized breath. We delighted everyone around us with our gaseous telekinetic powers and ability to shatter anything glass-like. I told him that he was not only my gallerist, but my flaskmate as well. He might also be my enabler.
X-treme Narcissism: I think I look pretty fucking hot in that picture. In fact, I just creamed myself looking at myself. I feel like Huckbert Janglethorp; a confused Carolina twin who suddenly ended up with stroganoff in his pants after watching his sibling nibble invitingly on a wheat shaft. Ok, that was a little much, I know. I was going to make a joke about tri-headed sperm here, but I think that's just callous. And perhaps offensive to our thin-blooded Appalachian neighbors.

Most of the following pics are from the installation I did at "The Donkey Show" in April. Check my past posts to gain entry into this visual world of beastiality and balloons....okay there are no balloons. Only sex with animals. Sigh. And not balloon animals neitha'.

"Ali FitzHitchcock!"

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