Friday, October 13, 2006

My goodness but it's been a long time!
Almost a month I fear, (imagine me saying this as a Angela Landsbury tongued teapot, it's much better that way, I promise).
I have so much to tell you! Well...not really, because otherwise I would have written wouldn't I?
I have been very busy, my hairy-palmed little masterbloggers. I went to an art fair in Portland for 5 days. I am convinced that the Pacific Northwest is still in the tight flanneled grip of Kurt Cobain. It is so 90's grunge there.
Except in Portland, no one seems on the edged of a heroin overdose, rather, everyone acts like some canadian mountie, uber-concerned with his fellow pedestrian. It was very upsetting to be permitted to walk in front of cars with no fear.
Even the street thugs in Portland are polite. Becca, Arturo and I were crossing the interstate and ran into the Portland gang equivalent of the "crips." The gang-leader was frightening with his hair product and Antigone Rising t-shirt. Just when I thought he was going to pop a cap in our ass, he tipped his tri-cornered hat and galloped away on his steed (skateboard).
I have some kind of stomach flu now, so forgive me my lame, bed-ridden attempts at humor.
P.S. I am writing a graphic novel/travelogue of sorts. I am going to try to scan and post it. It is all about sex and death. It stars a traveling headless trench coat.
I am watching "Hard Candy" right now. That movie is fucked.