Sunday, November 12, 2006

Here's the real deal:
grad school is a steaming amalgam of shit. Don't do it. Seriously.
the HBO miniseries "Elizabeth" sucks balls.
I am convinced I have cancer on some part of my body.
I will never stop wearing orthopedic shoes.
I love me, but I find myself somewhat tiresome.
I wish I read more books. Secretly, I think I forgot how to do it. I used to read an entire book in one sitting.
I still love Margaret Cho (I watched a lil' bit of her recently on youtube).
My mom keeps me balanced.
I drink like 5 "emergen-C"s a day and I secretly don't think they do anything.
I love fantasizing about having sex with everyone. Fantasizing rules.
I also fantasize about singing alongside Gladys Knight. I'm no "Pip" or nuthin but chooknow.

1 comment:

Karri Paul said...

Yes, my love, amalgam. Orthopedic shoes, yes. And yes, god yes, oh yes yes yes, fantasizing!