Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving is weird. Especially when you are alone watching the CW (what the fuck happened to the WB?) while eating frozen pudding. Sigh.
You know, I sigh but there's very little else that I would rather be doing. That sad proclamation actually does deserve a sigh. So, sigh. Well merited sigh.

Ghosts of Thanksgivings past!
My first year in grad school I had strep throat. I hated everything, including my unruly glands and those tarnished art school doorknobs. And I especially regretted the dirty makeout session I had in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Dirty Austin romancers with their dirty esophagi.
2nd year: Kidney disease....just kidneying around folks. I had a lovely thanksgiving as detailed in my Thanksgiving 05 blog entry.

I don't really remember any other Thanksgivings. Frankly, I think it's a borrrrring holiday.
Turkey: not as exciting as Salmon.
Cranberry: not as exotic as the Swedish lingonberries they serve at IHOP.
Presents: very few, and usually turkey-themed.
Colors: a diluted Autumnal sham-version of the orange and black Halloween hues.

Family: not as fun-loving as New Year's, yet not as fantastically catty as Christmas.

Artistic sidnote: In my spare time (of which I will have a lot of, as I have a dearth of friend-like people) I plan to scan my new bookies! Wooo! They are full of sex and murder and androgynous flight attendants and headless businessmen and sassy babies.
Sassy babies!

Best Thaksgiving movie scene:
Wednesday Adams playing Pocahantas in a summer camp production. "Addams Family Values." It is one historical revision I can get behind.

Best Thanksgiving memory:
Who the fuck cares?
Actor/actress who most resembles a turkey:
Steve Buscemi/Chloe Sevigny.

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minimonk said...

We went to IHOP today (Thanksgiving) and had some crepes with Swedish lingonberries; a large (in more ways than one) family next to us were busy eating to get the energy to cook later (or so I overheard). Everyone kept saying "Happy Turkey Day!" to which your grandmother replied every time, "But we're not having turkey!" (because we had it the other day when your sister was here). I agree- Thanksgiving is not really a winner for me! But have fun anyway!