Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Panthers and Tammy Faye Bakker's "Heritage USA." It is also home to good barbeque. Much better than Texas-style. Vinegar makes the world go round. C'mon, what did you think the ferris wheel of life was oiled with?

Last night I:

Played beer pong with an opera singer, a Stephen King enthusiast, a reformed coke addict and my sister. No one really won.

Went to a sushi place overrun with frat boys and blonde asian women. The fratties really seemed to enjoy each others' artificial crab sticks.
"Dipping my tempura-fried eel log in your bowl rules man!"
"Tell me about it!"
(enthusiastic ponzu sauced high-five)

Got my b-day present from Alaina, which was a "Sextrology" book. We proceeded to read the book aloud in the sushi restaurant. Now, a lot more people know my Piscean love-making recipes. They involve lots of crying. Lots and lots of crying.

Made the opera singer do a wickedly on-point Aaron Neville impression all night. Like the "Family Guy" episode with the Neville megaphone. Damn that episode rules.

Smoked 817,001 cigarettes.

Was offered Vicodin by my sister's friend. I took it but cannot bring myself to actually "take" it. Mystery medicine makes me queasy for some reason. MYSTERY MEDICINE~!!!!

Accidentally became a part of some private Banker party. A lot of TPS reports in that room. Yup. Everyone looked the same. Kind of like "Taj" from Van Wilder. There was a lot of posturing, vodka tonics, and myspace discussions.

Lied about attending Austin City Limits.


Karri Paul said...

Good lie!

Hey, I blogged about our Six Feet Under discussion today. (Blogged today, discussion months ago.) Probably got it all wrong.

Away for New Year's?

Ali Fitzgerald said...

D.C. baby. I'll definitely check da blog.