Thursday, December 28, 2006

So now I'm at my grams' home in Aiken, South Carolina. Home to lots of gold-leafed equine art!!!! Black Beauty looking majestic underneath the glimmering confederate flag? Perfect.
And I'm off to D.C. for New Year's. Look out for me this weekend, I'll be the one wearing the humorously oversized diaper with a special champagne pouch. EMOTICON!

P.S. Alaina; Seriously gurrrrl, how many free drinks can you get in a night? It's a good thing nobody was spectin' nothin from you. Someone is hot shit.

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Alainicus said...

Ok, clearly you are the hot one. I am not the one who had an entire orchestra purring at full throttle. Whatever that means. But really, they should rename it the "Ali's Game" bar. I'd go there.