Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ali's F****KED up Reading Corner, A.K.A "What I read over my Christmas vacation in between reruns of Frasier."

-"Step Right Up," A loverly carnie-centric short story romp. Includes some of my faves: Angie Carter, Katherine Dunn, Flannery, Bradbury and Kafka.

-"I am Not Myself These Days," My sister clued me into this novel that chronicles the alcoholic adventures of a New York Drag Queen named "Aquadisiac." Her gimmick? Live goldfish swimming around in a waterbra. I will one up her with my new Kimono Dragon bikini bottoms.

-"Footfalls," An interesting short (very short) play by Beckett about the mother-daughter dynamic. Haunting, surreal and absurd. So very Absurd. Beckett, you are one crazy apple. *See, I bet he's in his grave right now going, "interesting, she's sulimating her hatred for disorderly emotional thought in the form of a common fruit." And then he would answer, "Knockity-knock, send out the feet and their sweaty height." This could (and would, I'm sure) go on forever. That's why only the absurd die young.

-"Vitamin D," I got this book as a very thoughtful Christmas present. It was probably one of the best gifts I've ever received, because I so pined for it in the months preceeding J.C.'s big day. It is a great survey of contemporary drawing and it comes highly recommended by me. Ahem, and J.C. The guy with the smokin' toga and heavenly body really enjoys the way Pettibon renders monkeys. Outrageous rant: Okay, if we do believe Dan Brown that Jesus had a lover or two, couldn't it then be argued that he might have been called "L.L. Cool J." for short? "Ladies Love Cool Jesus?" Yes, yes I think so too.

-"The Berlin Stories," This is a two in one novel written by Christopher Isherwood about his time in morally deviant pre-WWII Berlin. I keep trying to get into it, but it's not quite as seedy as I was hoping. Apparently, "Cabaret" was based on the second novel, but I think I prefer Liza to Isherwood's lame(far less sequined) protagonist.

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