Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back in A-town.

I'm bored at the studio waiting for a pickup. Annnnnnd instead of painting I'm going to write a little.
Here's the thing:
half a Tecate makes me feel real nice. Not "Britney Spears upskirt" nice, but nice nonetheless. I wish I was this nice (slash felt this nice) all the time. It makes me feel like shining star Gary Coleman after a few key bumps behind the set.
Tomorrow I am meeting with Harmony Hammond, who is hot feminist shit apparently. That's all.
Also, Arturo got a rocking new van which I am going to adorn with an Aztec warrior princess (she will only distantly be related to Xena, also of warrior princess fame).
That's all.
I sat next to a Mormon on my flight.

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