Saturday, January 27, 2007


At Risa's.
Doing laundry.
Watching "Unfaithful."
Which is very hot.
In a dirty shirt.
With a dead phone.
And some kinda pink eye.
Hungry after eating at Azul.
I even got a cookie.
Jesus I love their pork sandwiches.
And their Coca-Cola lattes.
But I do not love Richard Gere.
Who is in "Unfaithful."
He looks like a rat.
which I'm sure he shoves up his ass.
Like that hamster they caught him with.
And I'm all out of cigarettes, and I'm too lazy, poor, and stubborn to buy more.

1 comment:

minimonk said...

Liked the poem! Happy you are too lazy and poor to buy the little white sticks...keep up the laziness...