Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Flight to New York is delayed. Becca and others are already in New York frolicking in the snowy wonder, eating foot longs and walking in Central Park, hand in hand in hand. Three hands?????? I am stuck here. Like a sticky piece of Texas-sized chew on the bottom of someone's creationism school book. Damn. Luckily, Sara (my plane flight buddy) checked the status before we left, so we didn't have to loiter around the airport for inumerable hours. However, here is a secret confession: I love loitering around airports! Really, I do. I like eating airport pizza, I love airport beer steins and airport smoking lounges and I feel completely not guilty buying "In Touch Weekly" or some other star trash. I also think that airpeople-watching cannot be topped. Oh the people you'll see!
*I think I've reached my exclammation point quota for this particular blog entry, don't you?
I hope I don't die in this snowstorm. Life in Austin has made me weak, for reals.
I also hope I make it to NYC today and that the flight isn't canceled, because I booked a sweeeeeeet 2-star hotel for tonight. And I hear there's a dog convention in town! Seriously, there is a dog convention at the hotel. It's going to be a real treat. Pun.


Alainicus said...

These are amazing. You are amazing. Have so much fun in NY. From what I hear, if you "make it" there, you can "make it" anywhere.

Jasper said...

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