Monday, February 05, 2007

So I have internet now thanks to a little wireless wizard who touched me with her technological wand. Mmmm...technological wand. Gotta love those dirty, quippy, Sarah-Jessica-Parker-voice-over moments.

Men are like shoes! Is Bungalow 8 really no. 1? Why are stockings called "nude,"? "Is lube the new black?" "Was little orphan Annie talking about me, when she sang that tomorrow is only a day away? "Can Manolo's really replace men?" "I'm a whiny, skinny, bourgie bitch, but don't you love me anyway?"

I thought my computer was cursed, but now I realize that I was just really fucking stupid! What a revelation!
Right now I am watching Antonioni's "L'Aventura," which is delicious like a fine pesto panini.
Memorable quotes so far: "Words are becoming less and less necessary, they only create misunderstanding."
"And still she acted as though our love, her father's, yours, mine, was nothing to her; meant nothing to her."

Other delightful foreign films I've re-watched lately:
Fellini's "8 1/2"
Bunuel and Dali's "L'Age D'or"

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