Sunday, April 08, 2007

Alone on Easter!
I'm working in the studio, and have been invited later on to attend a screening of "Jesus Christ Superstar." I don't think I've discussed it here, but I really love J.C.S. My favorite part is Nero wailing a rock ballad (a la Meatloaf) on some orgy barge. Orgy Barge!
Ok, here are other things I've consumed lately that I would highly recommend eating/watching/listening to/swimming in:

-Alfred Tennyson: I forgot how much this poet moves me with his incessant talk about dragons, Romans, queens and death.

-The Decembrists' song "Mariner's Revenge." This song has an accordion and a story about sea-faring men trapped in a whale. Enough said? Yes, enough said.

-Tomato Basil Mozzarella panini at Clementine. Delicious.

-"Half Nelson" I liked this movie a lot and thought the performances by the hunky yet tortured Mr. Gosling and his little sidekick merited an Oscar for sure.

-The Animation show at Arthouse--I really, really, really liked the animation in this show. I was especially taken with Nathalie Djurberg, whose claymation nightmarescapes stole my heart. I also love David Shrigley and maybe would marry him if he asked me via a hairy man drawing.

-"Savage Love," the column in the Onion and the podcast by Dan Savage. He is irreverent and dirty and lovely.

-The Dresden Doll's cover of "Pretty in Pink."

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