Friday, April 06, 2007

Slimy Cinema : An Analysis of 2 Films

Movies that I have recently seen that are awesome with an emphasized "awe":
"Jesus Camp"

"Slither" is about giant zombie-cum-worms that infect someone's body. "Jesus Camp" is about indoctrinated evangelical children who speak in tongues and perform puppet shows about demonic possession. Eerily similar you say? Well, let's take this further. Slither's subtext is one that includes the physical manifestation of fear of inappropriate sexual arousal (the afflcited become one giant orgiastic worm body and have phallic little probe-thingys), Jesus Camp's subtext is the same. Those poor precious repressers are going to have so many unnecessary wet dreams. And many of them will star the holy trinity and self-flagellation devices. I really am sad for them. Really.

I'm disturbed as well, I mean those little kids described their god-gasms in ways that were exceptionally creepy. Also, their violent shaking and hand-grasping visually paralleled the way a worm-riddled body would react in "Slither."

Conclusion: Christian people = worms. Watch out, they come apart in segments and regrow and form more offshoots of CBN.

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