Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm at Clementine coffee place right now. I ordered a bagel with basil pesto and Swiss. After my order was placed in an efficient yet sultry way, (as is my signature) the coffeemployee just stared at me and said "Swiss? No one has ever ordered Swiss cheese on that." He then proceeded to tap the cash register with a furrowed brow and typical lazy ass coffee house consternation. I'm confused. Moreover, I wonder if my love of Swiss Cheese is abnormal. I mean, should I switch to Muenster, Gruyere? Have my sandwiches been counter-intuitive this whole time? Am I unpatriotic in my love of neutral-flavored cheeses? Man, I hope they never find out about my noodle preferences.

Cheddar. I should like cheddar or those all-American slices that people feed their dogs and hide worm pills in.

Fuck that, I am a lactose rebel, and I ride alone. On my cheesy chariot. Towards that cloud-shaped panini in the sky.

Um. I do feel a little sick now, I wonder how old that rare Swiss delicacy was.

P.S. My grandma is a Virgo, just in case anyone was wondering:):):):):)


Telly O philia said...

Get ready Grandma, Bingo Bar tonight drinks are on me. Back early promise. Noodle preference?

Damn it said...

We really need to get off grandmothers, slowly of course so they are not hurt.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Noodle preference: grandmother-seasoned noodles.
Ok, no more grandma talk now, I promise.