Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in Austin. Might take possible part-time position as a cookie decorator. More on that later (Ali disappears into her dark kitchen and consumes a day's worth of slightly phallus-shaped confections).

I read National Geographic during my flights today and learned the following things:
-Malaria su-uhcks.
-Birds of Paradise are the drag queens of the animal kingdom.
-Alaska has a rainforest?
-Neolithic men were hot, hot, hot! Mmmmmm bearskins and porcine noses. I bet the sex back then was positively primal!

There were all these mission kids on my flights today, apparently making their way across the pond to spray their youthful exuberance all over Europe's agnostic lil' shoe. They. were. everywhere. Kicking hackysacks, playing Uno, giggling about how unwholesome the word "gee" is. Jeeeze.

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Karri Paul said...

Let me guess. Milanos?